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.............. Common Man Subject matter of the shows ..............

    Common Man Shows made for Public Access Channell 11 of Eau
   Claire ,Wisconsin. My shows made for TV by Randy L Beminister.

No.Date-time-Content matter of the Common Man Cable Tv shows........
 1.4/6/93 28 Personal talk,My racecar,Rules,Alan Kiwiki,PACT ch.11
 2.5/6/93 31 (b&w)Race track,Recycling,my cars,Cybill,Baseball
 3.6/7/93 30 Deaths at Red Cedar,car safety,Cybill Shephard,TV shows
 4.7/7/93 27 May 7th Track deaths,Elliott car,mufflers,Shawtown talk
 5.8/10/3 29 4th Ward School,Davie Allison Death,53 bypass in Altoona
 6.9/7/93 28 Hiway Bypass,cable problems,Cybill Shephard,Packer #92
 7.10/5/3 29 Cable talk,Red Cedar track,Mt Washington 4th Ward School
 8.11/9/3 28 Pres Election,PACT 11 shows,Packers,bypass,Rush Limbaugh
 9.12/7/3 31 Pearl Harbor,Cow Report,Gay issues,Limbaugh,Mars as LMrep
10.1/6/94 32 Red Cedar lawsuit,tabloids,politics,junk mail,hamilton car
11.2/11/4 28 PACTaward,Poss show,COWitem,Delivery Job,ProLife Common,Muffler
12.3/4/94 19 Photos of Mother & short life story,Margaret dies 3/1/94
13.4/6/94 27 local chat,Blooper clips of last years highlights of Common Man
14.5/6/94 28 1st Live Call in Show,Bloopers,Then Roy Hoff Sr Guest Co-Host
15.6/7/94 28 New Sponcer,Racing,Kyle Petty video,EC racetrack pictures today
16.7/7/94 29 Inner Bypass,Plombon,Clinton,Rush L,Car Dealer lawsuit talk
17.8/10/4 29 BB strike,bypass,interview with Race Car#70 Driver Pam Dregney
18.9/9/94 29 Hank Aaron Video Clips from Carson Park (8/17/94)
19.10/4/4 30 Final Race of year-Punky Manor Challenge of champions-Q3 videos
20.11/18/ 31 2nd Live Call in Show,Roy Hoff Sr Guest Co-Host
21.12/8/4 30 Christmas Show,The year in review wrap up
22.1/5/95 28 Rural Dunn County house views,satilite dishes,race items,bypass
23.2/3/95 28 Racing Cars on by using Blue screen,Local Racing talk
24.3/3/95 28 Common Man item in paper,elevators,lawsuit settlement
25.4/11/5 27 Last years Common Man Show Highlights
26.5/10/5 29 Menomonee Fair Grounds Red Cedar Race Car Show
27.6/5/95 29 AIDS quilt in McPhee at UWEC,Local Racing chat,local pictures
28.7/5/95 29 Showing the Antique Auto Tour & Talk,PACT newspaper storys
29.8/7/95 27 3rd Live Call in Show
30.9/6/95 33 Baseball talk,Red Cedar Racing action in the area-talk & video
31.10/5/5 31 Talk about the 1995 Punky Manor Race at Red Cedar,OJ Simpson
32.11/14/ 27 My 10/13/1987 Tour of the Old Eau Claire Speedway site
33.12/13/ 28 Christmas show,Year end Local Racing wrap up,Made at home show
34.1/31/6 28 Broken PACT camera,County board,OJ,Menard,made at Qtv studio
35.2/27/6 27 Nascar talk,1996 PACT channel 11 Award Show talk,made at Qtv
36.4/17/6 27 Common Man year 3 wrap up and Highlights
37.4/30/6 27 Race Car Show'96,County Board,Eau Claire Arena,Reconstruct Hy53
38.5/28/6 27 Indy 500 review,Local Racing items,Altoona Council
39.7/9/96 27 Common Man Butter,Brewer Stadium,Mars does not Rule,local news
40.7/15/6 26 Jimmy Mars (Car28 at Red Cedar) Bashing talk,I want a racetrack
41.8/13/6 25 Eau Claire Arena,Steve Gunderson election loss,Center of care
42.9/9/96 26 My 25th Class Reunion talk & comments,Rush show ends,Dump sold
43.10/15/ 27 Randy's Political talk time show,bypass,Eau Claire Council
44.11/11/ 27 Slamming Jimmy Mars talk,election winners and losers
45.12/9/6 27 Radio Controlled Cars,Common's Christmas show,GB Packers
46.1/13/7 26 Talk about Red Cedar Speedways Racing meeting,Politics,Loans
47.2/11/7 28 PACT Channel 11 annual award Show Comments,OJ,EauClaire Arena
48.3/10/7 27 Common Man's Green Bay Packer Show ,NASCAR items,PACT awards
49.4/15/7 27 Worst Common Show,Mars,Hale-Bopp comet,PACT windowcam,End show?
50.5/12/7 27 Why do I make the Common Man Show,dropped camera,show topics
51.6/18/7 28 Gate Racecar photos-Red Cedar Speedway,bomb caller,Menard,Mars
52.7/15/7 26 Poor Life of Common Man and his cars,Mars Grudge Race,Hamilton
53.8/19/7 28 Common Man's Life in Shawtown video,Old Shawtown steel Bridge
54.9/8/97 28 Racing letter about Jimmy Mars of Elk Mound,Nerdrum,UPS,Packers
55.10/14/ 30 Tide #10 NASCAR Pictures,My Red Cedar video,Mars talk,New Shirt
56.11/10/ 27 WindowCam,PACTauction,scalecar picture,Brewers,Next show myLAST
57.12/15/ 56 Mars Letter,FerrySt home,Race Meeting,MatchRace Rules,car57pics
58.1/6/98 51 Christmas Lights,Marcus Cable,John Menard,Rush,Racing,Religion
59.2/6/98 58 TV Preachers,Old Family&RaceCar Pictures,PACT shows&Awards talk
60.3/13/8 52 Comment Line,Baseball,Marcus,Racing,Dale Earnhart,I Quit Show
61.6/19/8 52 McCartney,County Board,VoiceOfPeople letter,Racing,Marcus cable
62.7/11/8 49 Snake Issue,Common Mans 100 Top Movie Review,in PACT studio B&w
63.8/15/8 51 RedCedar Season Championship Races8/14-Qtv video,Local items
64.9/11/8 51 PACT break-in,Clinton,Sales Tax,Local Politics,Racing,Baseball
65.10/10/ 29 Punky Manor challenge of championship Race talk,Mars Lost
66.11/14/ 27 Impeachment,Menard,Baseball,Altoona Forum/recall,NASCAR & Local
66b11/23/ 24 Remake#66,Car photos,Politics,Snakes,BBall,Small Cars,Red Cedar

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