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  QTV ..Quality TeleVision made for Public Access Channell 11 of Eau
   Claire ,Wisconsin. My QTV show made for TV by Roy Rogers Hoff Sr.

Show-Date   Content matter of the Public Access Cable Tv shows.
 1.05/94 Various Home video comedy clips & Putnam Park drive
 2.06/94 Various Hoff and Common Man Home videos , Eau Claire/Altoona
 3.07/94 Various Hoff and Common Man Home videos , Eau Claire/Altoona
 4.08/94 Flood videos around Eau Claire City & County 6/1993
 5.09/94 Carson Park (Eau Claire Wis) Mini Steam Train action 10/3/93
 6.10/94 Mount Washington (4th Ward) School Closing Day 9/12/93
 7.11/94 Augusta Wisconsin Parade of July 4th ,1993 , Center of Town
 8.12/94 Ski Sprites of Eau Claire - 30th anniversary Show  7/4/1990
 9..1/95 Northern Wisconsin State Fair 7/6/1993 in Chippewa Falls
10..2/95 Owen Park Municipal band Concert  6/22/1989 in Eau Claire
11..3/95 International Fall Festival  9/18/1993  downtown Eau Claire
12..4/95 Sawdust City Days (Carson Park in Eau Claire)  6/23/1989
13..5/95 Punky Manor Championship Races 9/25/94 (Dunn County)
14..6/95 Chicago NorthWestern Train Depot teardown  11/1987 Eau Claire
15..7/95 4th of July Fireworks 1993 from Half Moon Beach , Eau Claire
16..8/95 Mid-Season Championship Races 6/30/95 Dunn County
17..9/95 Season Championship Races  8/18/1995 Dunn County
18.10/95 Punky Manor Championship Races 9/23/95  Dunn County
19.11/95 WKQ3 Comedy Sketch News Program  3/1983
20.12/95 XMAS displayed Christmas Lights  J Paul Display and more
21..1/96 Elmwood Parade   from 7/31/1994 in Elmwood ,Wisconsin
22..2/96 Hank Aaron at Carson Park 8/17/1994  Eau Claire ,Wisconsin
23..3/96 Doll & Pet Parade (Water Street) 5/12/1990 in Eau Claire
24..4/96 Ice Lake , Davis Beach (1932 Eau Claire Beach Sight)
25..5/96 The 400 , Chicago NorthWestern Train Visits EC  8/10/85
26..6/96 13th Annual Pepsi Race (Dunn County Rec Park)  6/7/96
27..6/96 Altoona Wis, Cinder City Days Parade     6/8/1996
28..7/96 Mid-Season Championship Races  6/28/96 ,  Dunn County
29..8/96 Inside the Nonsense Report 9/2/94 , with SPLU URTAF
30..9/96 Season Championship Races 8/16/96  , Dunn County
31.10/96 Inside the Nonsense Report 8/9/94 , with SPLU URTAF
32.11/96 Altoona Centennial Parade  6/21/87 in Altoona Wisconsin
33.12/96 XMAS displayed Christmas Lights Paul & Dales Salvage,HH
34..1/97 Vietnam Veteran Memorial Park 9/19/93 Neilsville,Wi hw10
35..2/97 Model Train Show ( London Square Mall ) 10/29/1988
36..3/97 Doll & Pet Parade ( Water Street ) 5/13/1989  Eau Claire
37..4/97 Altoona RailRoad Displays 6/20/1987 Full Size & Photos
38..5/97 Doll & Pet Parade ( Water Street ) 5/10/1997  Eau Claire
39..6/97 24th Altoona Cinder City Days Parade , Altoona Wis,1997
40..7/97 4th of July Fireworks 1997 from Putnam Park Hill top
41..8/97 Paul Bunyan Camp ,in Carson Park,Eau Claire 5/28/94
42..9/97 Car Shows,London Sqr Mall has Custom Car Show 1993 
43.10/97 Silver Mine Hill ,10/1993 climb to the top for the view
44.12/97 Christmas Parade ,Chippewa Falls WI ,12/7/1996
45..1/98 Hoffman Hill Recreation Area ,Go to top of 60ft Tower
46..3/98 Clear River Railroad Show ,5/1/94 at Altoona Hobbs Arena
47..4/98 Car Show '88 ,Menomonee Stockcar Show in London Square Mall
48..6/98 Achievement Awards ,5/26/98 at Altoona Middle School
49..7/98 Altoona Parade '98 ,6/13/98 new parade route this year
50..8/98 Car Pictures and Show '85 ,8/9/82 & 4/6/85 in Highland Mall
51..8/98 Season Championship Races '98 ,8/14/98 at Red Cedar Speedway
52..9/98 International Fall Festival '94 ,9/17/94 Downtown Eau Claire
53.10/98 Pumpkin Patch ,10/18/97 Visiting the ottercreek Pumpkin patch
54.11/98 Viewing Common ,xx/xx/xx Seeing How Common man Show was made
55.12/98 Xmas Lights 2 ,12/22/94 2nd viewing of 3 big local displays
56..1/99 coming soon
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