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QJR - What My TV shows are made of - QJR

This is a list of what the content of my QJR television shows are - The
  cartoon titles will be listed as well as what the main show topic was.


Show - Date-        < content of show/cartoon titles >     QJR Shows

 1..8/94 Porky Pigs - Porkys Railroad
 2..9/94 Woody Woodpeckers - Pantry Panic
 3.10/94 Halloween Special Show , No cartoon
 4.11/94 - Hep Cat Symphony
 5.12/94 Xmas Show - a Christmas Parade Shown , no cartoon
 6..1/95 Woody Woodpeckers - Pantry Panic
 7..2/95 - Presto Change-O
 8..3/95 1933 Cartoon - Song of the Birds
 9..4/95 Dingbat Land  &  The Seapreme Court
10..5/95 - Pigs in a Polka
11..6/95 Crazy Town & Casper - Boo Moon
12..7/95 - To Duck or not to Duck
13..8/95 Casper - The Friendly Ghost
14..9/95 Casper - A Haunting we Will Go
15.10/95 Halloween Special Show,No cartoon,school costume walk
16.11/95 Casper- Spooking about Africa &Theres Good Boos tonight
17.12/95 Xmas Show Special  ,  no cartoons
18..1/96 Daffy Duck - Daffy Duckaroo
19..2/96 - The Lions Busy
20..3/96 Neptune nonsense & Fresh Hare
21..4/96 Timid Tubeador & Yankee Doodle Dandy & Ali Baba hound
22..5/96 Porkys - Porkys Bear Facts & A Corney Concerto
23..6/96 Howdy Doody Clip & Little Lulu - Board of Education
24..7/96 Big Foot Truck Show , in Osseo Wisc ,  no cartoon
25..8/96 Big Foot Truck Show 2 , in Osseo Wisc , no cartoon
26..9/96 Little Lulu - Musical Lulu & Herman - Naughty But Nice
27.10/96 Halloween Show , Popeye - spooky Swabs, school parade
28.11/96 Baby Huey - Quack a Doodle Doo & Pest Pupil
29.12/96 Xmas Parade `96 -7th annual Chippewa Falls Xmas Parade
30..1/97 Bugs Bunny - Case of The Missing Hare & Unruly Hare
31..2/97 Superman - Japoteurs , Sonny`s Quenak Skit  & Renee
32..3/97 Terror on the Midway , Waikiki Wabbit , LiL Sister Show
33..4/97 Superman - Eleventh Hour & The Underground World
34..5/97 Mighty Mouse - Wolf-Wolf , The Talking Magpies
35..6/97 Hamateur Nite , Old Macdonald`s Farm
36..7/97 Mutt&Jeff Westward whoa,Gold Rush Daze : 2 Line trick
37..8/97 Porky's Preview,The Lone Star State,stepping action trick
38..9/97 Halloween School activities,Inside Oakwood Mall 10/31/96
39.10/97 Pumpkin Patch on Otter Creek (kids activities) 10/18/97
40.11/97 School Xmas Show ,Altoona WI School System 12/13/96
41.01/98 Tale of 2Kittens,BettyBoop&Grampy,Doggone Tired,Farm Frolics
42.05/98 A Coach for Cinderella , The Wee Men , Boy Meets Dog!
43.06/98 Toys,Big Flame Up,Mild West,She'll be coming around mountian
44.07/98 Cinder City Days '98  6/13/98
45.08/98 Popeye,3 kids in pool,Daffy the commando,Leprechauns Gold
46.09/98 Sports Chumpions,Derby,Dreamland,Dick's duck pond 8/2/98
47.10/98 Fanny Hill Pumpkins #4 (#6365 10/30/97) Qjr Halloween Show
48.11/98 Hollywood steps out,Renee's Halloween Parade,Felix the cat
49.12/98 Spirit of'43,Susie the Blue Coupe,Hooked Bear,Old shell game

QJR is always looking for new things to do on Public Access Television
So new things will be tried in upcoming shows to bring better things on TV

The 3 Faces of Sonny


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